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Chiller Plant Installation at Bord Gáis Building Dublin

This project involved the replacement of an existing air cooled water chiller located on the roof of Bord Gais building at Foley Street, Dublin. The works were carried out on the roof of the main Office Building. A Crane was used to remove and install the chillers. This necessitated the closure of Foley Street and the implementation of a traffic management plan.

This project consisted of Construction works, Mechanical & Electrical Installations and PSCS appointment relating to the installation of new Chiller Plant to replace the existing CHW plant and pipe work. The work was carried out under the form of Conditions set out in the Public Works Contract for Minor Building and Civil Engineering Works Designed by the Employer.

The works were carried out over a weekend when the building was unoccupied by staff and all works from draining down and removing the old chiller to installing the new one fully commissioned were complete in two and a half days.