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The Office of Public Works

The Office of Public Works


Castlerea Garda Station Cell Upgrade

This project involved the renovation and upgrade of existing cells in Castlerea Garda Station.

The scope of the Mechanical works included; the supply, installation and commissioning of 6 no. new cell flush cisterns with pneumatic push button with remote push operated flush as per specification. The existing system to be removed. Connected in to existing CWS. The supply installation and commissioning of new cell shower suite as per specification. Connected in to existing HWS and CWS in cell corridor. The existing LPHW radiator to be removed. Drain and fill circuit after the works. Allow for installation of 2 no. new radiators. Allow for alterations to existing pipework. New CWS, HWS pipework. New MWS service for sink in the shower area and existing cell corridor toilet. New wash down hose and connected in to exisitng MWS. Removal of existing ductwork from cell corridor. The existing ductwork to be removed back to the main corridor and new ductwork installed. New ductwork and fan for cell corridor extract, Soils and waste for 2 no. new sinks.