NUI Galway

Purcell Construction

IN2 Engineering and Design Partnership

Taylor Architects

Lawlor Burns & Associates

The Project was the conversion of the existing building in a Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance all at the Main Campus of NUI Galway. The existing building dates back the 1850’s and was a factory ware house before being converted for IMI, Irish Metal Industries in the 1930’s.

The scope of works consisted of the full replacement of the mechanical services installation throughout the building and the works were carried out under the form of Conditions set out in the Public Works Contract for Building Works Designed by the Employer. The site of the works was located within the existing University grounds which were particularly busy with students, employees and visitors to the College. Whilst the works were in progress the surrounding and adjacent University departments continued function as normal.

The scope of works included; LPHW Heating Installation, Ventilation Installation, Domestic Water Services, Space Heating Installation, Gas Services, Air Conditioning, BMS, Refrigerant Services.