St Munchins College

L&M Keating


Healy Partners Architects

Roggerson Reddan Limerick

Refurbishment of the St. Munchin’s College Main Building & the Construction of a new PE Hall building

St. Munchins College was founded in 1796, a new school was opened by President Eamon De Valera in 1962. The school was a collection of buildings consisting of the main school building, Priest’s accommodation building and church building, and are all interconnected in terms of building access, services and utilities. The Main Building was previously operating as a boarding school, however, it is now operating as a day school for secondary level students. The school has an enrolment of approximately 550 pupils. The space and facilities were not adequate to suit such numbers and as a result the school required a facility expansion and revised layout. The layout and function of many of the rooms within the school were changed which in turn required a considerable amount of alteration of the mechanical and electrical services installations. The project mainly consisted of refurbishment of the Main Building, construction of a new PE Hall building containing storage rooms, plantrooms and PE Hall. The external site services were upgraded to cater for the redevelopment. The Mechanical and Electrical services for the school and Priest’s Accommodation Buildings are linked.

The Priest’s Accommodation Building was segregated from the main building in terms of services and utilities as it is to operate as a stand-alone entity. The re-developed college was constructed in a number of phases.

The scope of works consisted of the full replacement of the mechanical services installation throughout the building and the work were carried out under the The form of Conditions set out in the Public Works Contract for Building Works Designed by the Employer.